The progressive videos of Martti Kuoppa voted your favourites of the year!!!

The recent progressive video edits Martti has been posting on his groundtactics website, are some of my favourites and yours, Martti’s videos came up on top, when I asked people what their favourite video posts were from the year.
This I thought was a good time to see where hes at with all thats been going on, and how he felt about being recognised for his achievements!
Martti dropped this one exclusively for flatmatters, the soundtrack is quite fitting me thinks!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

I asked the readers to flatmatters what there favourite articles/videos have been from the first year, and your videos came out on top, how do you feel about that?
Wow! Honestly, I am touched because seems like people still respect the roots of hardcore flatland. I know that this type of riding is very different from what flatland is today but I found out this year that my new way of thinking (or thinking mode that was gone for nearly 10 years) is the reason I continue riding. I do not care about winning comps anymore. Only thing I care in my personal riding is that I break my own limits. I choose a trick that feels nearly impossible, I keep trying and trying it on a video and then, many attempts later I pull it-that is such a good feeling. That is definetely one of the best feelings that I can receive in my life but still, just a feeling.
I keep pushing it and I keep showing my clips because I want to show an example to riders out there that there is still so many tricks to be done, it is just up to you if you are going to do it or not. Sooner or later, I will do it if you don´t do it first, hahahahaha.

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Tell me about the part groundtactics has had to play about motivating you and your riding?
Ground Tactics brought back my motivation. When I started planning for this project with Chad we made the guidelines pretty clear. We wanted to see new tricks etc. well, from that I thought of ok, someones got to show an example and show that there is a lot of new tricks out there. Then I started filming and realized that I can still learn (yeah, I didn´t really learn or wanted to learn anything after Impulsivity and got quite sick of the current state of myself and flatland). Then after my first filming session I realized that wow, I am able to progress so let´s see if I can progress even more and it started to happen. The whole thing sort of started to feed itself inside my head and new tricks came to my mind every day. I took the challenge and each session I filmed, every day. So definetely ground tactics got me motivated, and since that is my place to be now, I stay motivated. Thanks again for all who supported so far!!!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

That one week where you had almost edit every day was crazy!! Of all the clips you filmed which are you most happy with?
Yeah, haha, I aimed to have 5 clips on that week but I had to leave it to 4 because I got hurt. I´d say that I am very stoked on the 1 handed barflip whopper (new school), double tire spin on the backwheel (spinning at one spot) into decade, slider to decade, megaspin to barspin decade and few more. I am very satisfied with the tire spin megaspin type of idea because that is actually something totally new and I feel great to come up with a concept for a completely new style. Not the hardest trick out there, but the way I understood it and made it reality was just too close to my face to realize it earlier. Sometimes the coolest stuff are too close to find out! But yeah, many possibilities with tire not moving type of spins.

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

In a short time, groundtactics has become a project with huge potential, what part do you hope this plays in the future of flatland?
Yeah, it seems like in short time it became actually a oftenly spoken subject which is good. At least the guys behind it are pure hardcore flatlanders and noone is going to take that from me. My real goal with it is to give support for the guys out there who are not able to go to competitions etc. I want to find a way to give the winner a good support to go to his real flatland competition and hopefully in future, I can actually give the winner good amount of money.
If everything goes good I belive I am able to find a decent amount of money for the winner of the first year. My idea behind is very simple and honest. I want to support flatland from inside of flatland instead of trying to find the money outside. Let´s see what happens!

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Personally for me, the dialogue and feedback you are giving on groundtactics is invalueable to the future of flatland and future generations, i think we are at a pivotal time in flatland, much respect martti!!!
Thanks Effraim for all your support as well. Just got one more message. Lot of riders hang out in internet and it is just so easy to be negative and diss others, well, ground tactics is out here to give bit more content for everyone to think further than just saying the first negative thing comes to your head. Real riding actually happens in ground tactics and the ball is rolling into more positive way. Support flatland and check on ground tactics. It will change flatland.

This is the video that got everyone talking!!!(and copying)…but never duplicated.

Untitled from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “The progressive videos of Martti Kuoppa voted your favourites of the year!!!

  1. Thanks martti for the exclusive!!!! That mega spin whooper decade is going to happen really soon!!!
    His videos and website competition have inspired a new generation of riders to show what they have really got, instead of hiding it away for a normal contest.
    Much respect!!!

  2. Thanks Effraim! And thanks flatlanders worldwide for voting me for this one!! I keep trying that megawhopper into decade. I am off to my riding spot now!

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