The Voodoo Jam is back! – August 17th 2019

It’s official. The Voodoo jam is back, August 17th at the Generation Hall in New Orleans. A city with amazing history and culture, this event always delivers top quality riding and vibes. Hosted by Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams there will be plenty of updates to follow, for now log this down on your calendars.

4 thoughts on “The Voodoo Jam is back! – August 17th 2019

  1. So happy Voodoo Jam is still happening!! Makes me proud somehow.They should do a video comp for riders who are just getting by that are really good,and would never have been able to get there otherwise.Even though Voodoo Jam is as I imagine a huuuuge undertaking,and I am thankful just to catch the vids and stuff.Somebody out there is shreddin and we may never know it.It would be a positive but maybe expensive addition to the format,but the vibe it would give would be amazing.

  2. That’s a great idea Gerald. You’re right, there’s no doubt, there’s riders out there, that we’ve never seen or heard.

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