They dont have my shoe size?

             Spinning circle k to halfpacker, photo by Pete Hollinger.

Recently I was informed after almost ten years of riding for Adidas, that they can no longer support me, why?…

The credit crunch? Seems most likely… Lack of media coverage?… No…

They dont have my shoe size, UK size 9. Laughable.
So does that mean I wont be able to buy these shoes now? I love the Comptown ST model shoe,and i’d ride this shoe whether sponsored by them or not. I don’t know whether to be pissed off or just laugh, but the reasoning is pathetic. After almost ten years of riding for them, thought be worth at least an honest answer. 
Are there any other adidas sponsored riders that are size 9, I wonder….
Do big corporations really care? I dont think so..

10 thoughts on “They dont have my shoe size?

  1. hey effraim,

    i will aswell be out of the team beginning 09… michi sommer and matti röse already are.

    the reason is that they focus on their skate team now, and therefore cut the bmx budget…

    as far as i know, only the frenchies and simon tabron will remain on the team in 09…

  2. yes it me. maybe, maybe not. from my working experience at adidas i know that their stock is quite small since most of the shops have to write pre-orders… always a bummer when you want a specific item…

    take care,


  3. seppl knows more about it than be, but in general, flatland does seem to be on a downturn in this way, budgets are tightening, and as aresult of flat being the side of bmx that doesnt get much media love, thats the one that will get the shove, that just seems to be the way it is.

  4. ive said it before and no doubt i will say it again, theres nothing easy about flatland, and i guess to a degree thats the attraction.

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