10 thoughts on “Thiago BB – 41st Birthday Edit

  1. Happy B’day Thiago and great edit. I like the 1/2 hitch to messiah . Just think, you’ve 9 years to go, to enter the 50 club, then we’ll have a lot more of us in there.

    • Thanks Tristan! Yeah I hope riding at 50 up if God willing…is not easy…it is for the “strong”….you know progression and long life riding like that flatland survivor are hard goals…uh

  2. Pretty sure you’ll be in the 60 club before he’s in the 50.
    Though you have to still ride! to be considered in any club.

  3. Butter…smooth as butter. I’m 47. Hope to make it to the 50 club if the good Lord permits. I really liked the link into the classic elbow glide.

    • Thanks Fenton! Yes thats true!! Also always keep motivated with focus only in positive things in the life!!! Thanks for the words and the positive vibes!!!

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