9 thoughts on “Thomas Noyer- Air boomerang!

  1. Great job man. I’m with E on this one. If you touch the rear wheel down on a front wheel combo it seriously takes away from the combo.

  2. sick riding,but i’m confused this is not a Boomerang E or a flail etc more like an endo Bommerang multiple times ,this will confuse everyone to what a Boomerang actually is 🙂

    • Peg to peg bommerang, we had this conversation before Howard haha, there are different types of boomerangs, with the wheel off the ground, not only looks better, but much harder, especially brakeless. Ronny did mention this has been done before, yes of course it has, Osicka springs to mind, Cory Fester did the full boomerang that Howard is talking about, Simon O’Brien, and if memory serves right Chris day eons ago. Its all good! Thanks to Thomas for dropping some multiples, nice touch!

  3. Yeah cool ,just that the title that threw me as peg to peg off the ground ain’t no Boomerang i know of you cannot rewrite history and Chris Day also did endo Boomerangs before he was on General riding a Dyno , granted this version is way harder and looks awesome 🙂

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