Throwback – 90’s Millennium by Jason Brown

Millennium ” 90’s BMX FLATLAND “ from hiroshi430 on Vimeo.

Great blast from the past video by Jason Brown, featuring a ton of riders from the 90’s. The video flows really well so doesn’t seem like 21 minutes long at all. Great riding from the likes of Jason Brown, Cory Strat, Akira Okamura, Andrew Faris, Brandon Fenton, Alex Jumelin, yours truly, Dan Rigby, York Uno, Nathan Penonzek, and a killer section from Martti Kuoppa around 19:54. Enjoy this one! Thanks to Peter Olsen sending this one in!

6 thoughts on “Throwback – 90’s Millennium by Jason Brown

  1. so so so great!!
    Still hard to believe that was possible with bikes as heavy like they were, around 27-37 lbs / around 12-17 kg..
    Thank you very much for sharing Mr Uehara!

    “Bicci” at 2’16 is Viki Gomez
    Somebody knows what the frame Jason Brown is riding with that big sloping for that time?

    • Great to watch this video again, thanks again Pete! The frame Jason Brown is riding was a prototype redline, there wasn’t too much footage of him riding the frame other than this or the kog he went to around that time period…

  2. Awesme vid, it’s funny you mention that prototype Redline frame Jason Brown is riding. It is actually sitting in my basement….I bought it years back during the backlashbmx forum days. I never rode it however just hung it on my wall. It’s too bad the bike never went into production because I think it could have definitely given the gt show a run for its money.

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