Throwback Thursday Special Part 2 – King of Concrete 1999 Top 4

Another great Throwback Thursday from Matthew Dyer! Alex Jumelin and Martti Kuoppa smashed it at KOC 1999! Peep Alex’s flawless run and Martti dropping the steam kickflip to crackpacker, good times at King of Concrete! Thanks again Denny for this trip down memory lane!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Special Part 2 – King of Concrete 1999 Top 4

    • @Todd Carter – So rad to see back, i’m amazed at the crowds! You take it for granted back then, was pretty normal year to year at KOC! I love the roar when martti lands the steam kickflip crackpacker that starts at 1:20, not to mention my dads reaction! I think that moment will stay with me forever!

  1. I remember watching this live, the suspense on martti’s 3rd attempt to hit his NEW kick flip move was intense and when he not only hit it but smashed out a massive combo after it was just unbleavable!!!! All to such a sick track he chose comps runs miss this, really was epic!

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