Throwback Thursday with Jean William Prevost

This weeks TBT kills two birds with one stone so to speak, I will be dropping the Flatmattersonline 2019 Year end awards on Monday and Saturday I will be dropping an exclusive with Jean William Prevost! It seems like as good a time as any to go back watch Dub’s amazing awards winning Puro Flat that was shot in the spring of last year and released on August 7th.

Puro Flat #2 highlights:

00:17: The g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker out is beautiful in technique where he has condensed the dead time.

00:25: Spinning undertaker flip grabbing tyre spinning cream pivot out is sexy flatland at it’s finest. I am on 5th watch now, and still have the same reaction as the first time I watched it. YES!

00:32: Dub further pushes the concept that I highlighted at 00:17 and adds the spinning undertaker at the beginning of the line and ends with g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker with no deadtime at all. Wow!

1:07: Carved Opposite Dump truck ride in pivot to pedal inside switch b pedal pivot to double turbine spinning forward death truck straightens out forward pedal death to casual walkover decade out. This line has been years in the making, so much depth to this.

2:59: Dub explores different concepts around the Rodeo, each line till the end is absolutely ridiculous, but the dead time taken out on the final line and the seamless switches is something else entirely.

Level up!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday with Jean William Prevost

  1. I love THAT friggin ridiculous line , @ 2.24 minutes to 2.48 minutes !!! Just a FULL ON barrage of technical switches , done ,of course HIS way……….LIGHTNING FAST !! So damn quick , that I still remember , literally rewinding , play , pause , rewind , play , pause….like , a friggin hundred times , it seemed like , hahaha. I had this edit recorded on my flip phone , haha…Id watch it just about EVERY day , on the bus to and from work . Dubs style is so damn AGGRO , TIMES 7 , with not only bringing a ton of technical SIGNATURE switches , transitions , AND , even tricks to flatland , like the ALIEN GLIDE …….but also…….his STYLE just kills , man…….I love it !! I personally ride , do my links , combos like its 1997 all over again , haha , VERY slow , trying to keep everything controlled , smooth … riding style , watching it ……is like paint drying on the wall ! Hahahahahahahahaha , its just how Ive always ridden my bike ……watching riders like Jean , man……its SO rad to me , that FAST , AGGRESSIVE , RELENTLESS , ATTACKING style , just flying through combos , SO damn FAST , while STILL keeping the links @ a VERY , VERY difficult, high level , with PLENTY of technical aspects within every line……..Im talking all HAARRRDD stuff being SLLLAAAAAAMMMMMED DOWN within the links here , cabrone !!! The awesome , and I mean TRULY awesome thing about Dubs riding ……he rides SO DAMN FAST , that its almost impossible to catch , realize just how damn hard the stuff hes just flying through in his combos !! I personally REALLY dig that . When I think of riders who have totally brought a style of riding that completely evolved , level upped , progressed flatland with something that completely redefined the NEW school type movement in flatland …….Jean Willliam DUB Prevost is a name that ALWAYS springs to mind , to me anyway ……Such a great pick for T.T. , eh , Big -E !!! RAD choice , TIMES 7………EVERY combo in this edit is BEYOND next level ………like for instance , Dubs inside circle , SWITCH pedal , pumping rope , that he switches INTO , does MID-LINE ……just THAT move alone……bruuuuuuuuuvv……..I watched him throw down one to WARM UP …….FIRST trick , touching his bike , during practice before the prelims @ this years Flatland Voodoo Jam ! Just watching him do just THAT move , switching into THAT position on the PEDAL , zero speed , zero scuffing / kicking , in a circumference that was as wide as a friggin CAR TIRE , man ……it just looks UN-REAL to watch !! Plus …..Jean is a SUPER cool cat , also. HE stayed @ Diego Tejadas casa , here in San Antonio T.X. , while attending the 2018 A.F.A. contest , during March . We all sessioned bikes with him @ Bmx Haven , Bobby Burges BMX park ! Dub , without EVER doing one………learned old school under taker on my bike……I was the only rider there with a REAR brake on my bike , hahah….he told me, he just wanted to have HIS version , the brakeless , rolling one that he created……AND the old school one , in his trictionary . It only took him like 38 minutes to learn , pull one ! He posted it on his Instagram account , with all of us BUGGING OUT ,when he nailed it on my 1997 Hoffman E.P. , hahaha……Truly a dope day , that was for me , cool guy indeed ! Dub is a TRUE innovator in flatland bmx that WILL be progressing , pushing what is possible AND impossible in flatland for many , many years to come …….SALUD , Dub , KEEP ruling on dat bike……………..

  2. AND………his friggin SWITCH pedal , inside circle time machine turbine , pivoting and bike flipping …to a rope spin , climbing over to the OTHER pedal , spinning / turbining , his SIGNATURE ….ALIEN GLIDE move….to apple crate EXIT , @ 3.59 MINUTES , WITHIN that INSANE link !! WILD-STYLE , TIMES 7 . This edit WILL be good…………27 YEARS from now , haha…….

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