5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday with Kerry Gatt!

  1. This video almost single-handedly got me into flatland. Standard was killing it back then! I was lucky enough to live in Bethlehem when this video came out. Great riders like Sandy Carson, Keith Gower, Joe Rich, Mel Cody, and Luc-e lived here at the time. With all those great riders around me, it was the flatland in this video that stood out. Happy Birthday Kerry and thanks for the motivation!

  2. Joe Rich & Luc-E massive legends, Mel Cody used to ride flat. Recall the B.S Shimersville comp in 93, 20 years ago, Standard vs Hofman bikes lol way better back then. Kerry Gatt kicks major a…

  3. Dave Clymer, Keith Treanor and Jody Donelly were at that comp – Miron pulled this crazy canadian nose pick over this rail… massive

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