Throwback Thursdays – 1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest

1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest from Adam Guild on Vimeo.

What a week here on Flatmattersonline, so many amazing edits and also some great stuff from the flatland archives. And today, we have another belter from Adam Guild. I recall having a video tape of this contest back in the day from Armen Djerrahian, anyway today it is great to see all this footage together from the 1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest featuring Brian Tunney, Bill Nitschke, Gabe Weed, Dennis McCoy, Chad Degroot, and Chase Gouin. Thank you Adam for the upload and trip down memory lane…

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – 1993 Shimersville, PA BS Contest

  1. Thanks LEGEND = Adam Guild ! Man , you’ve got some of the best comp edits in your vaults that Ive been dying to see ! I REALLY appreciate you sharing , and Big-E posting ! This kind of footage is so rare / hard to find………Trust me , I comb the net for hours straight looking for stuff like THIS , campeons , hahaha . So good to log onto this site , and BAM ……Its posted !

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