4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – 2000 B3 X Games Trials St. Petersburg, FL

  1. I remember regularly recording like 3 hours of X-Games coverage when it used to be on channel 5 during the night. Then I’d spend the next day sifting through it to see if there was any flatland.
    Finding this was gold.

  2. I miss these old days… every rider had “their” style and were unique from each other. I honestly think the popularity of brakeless riding ended up pigeon holing flat into one general direction as far as styles go. Obviously, the level of difficulty goes up doing anything brakeless, but variety within the sport seems like it’s inversely gone down… if anything, Martti’s win backs this up, as the judges were probably starving for something different to watch after a while. I also can’t help but feel like riders running brakes (especially a front/rear setup) end up having to battle a background perception that everything they do is easier or “old school” by default, making those guys leery of entering contests. Aside from Markus Reich and Matt Wilhelm, there don’t seem to be many others holding it down for incorporating brakes nowadays.

  3. I think that even back then…..there were brakeless riders that didn’t do the same tricks and had individual styles. I am partial to brakeless but I still find that you can definitely find ways to be unique. That run Nathan did and specifically the first link pushed me to develope a style that would incorporate what he did. Thanks Nathan and Phil of course…. Lol

    • Oh yeah, definitely back then the brakeless riders were doing their own thing. You, Steingraber, Nussbaum, Dolan and other brakeless guys on the contest circuit and videos were all completely unique, and it was awesome to watch. Not to say everyone is a clone nowadays, but there is definitely a pronounced similarity among the field now than there was back in the “X” days.

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