Throwback Thursdays – A Way To Enlarge Time

For this weeks throwback we go back to 1996/97 and a video put together by Eduardo Sousa and Colin Smith. Featuring the likes of Amos Burke, James White, yours truly, Phil Dolan, Andrew Faris, Jesse Puente, Day Smith, Marton Szilagyi and many more! Great memories!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – A Way To Enlarge Time

  1. OOOOOOOOOHHH , BIG -E !! You have NO idea !! Your section in THIS , just F-KN DESTROYING your combos in this comp run at K.O.C , on THAT red Lagger ……………………….THIS section REALLY does it for me / gets me STOKED / AMMMMMMPPPED to ride !!! I LITERALLY associate Prodigys FUNKY SH—T song, to THIS / YOUR riding in general !!! THIS whole film is one of my ALL time favs , mate !!! DAMN , BIG -E , LOVED all your combos / tricks in 1998 , 1997 , 1995 ………….OBVIOUSLY , hell , I STILL try and ride like THAT today !! HAHAHAHAHHAHA , Id do anything to do all your old stuff …………..that you’ve long FORGOTTEN / MOVED ON from , HAHAHAHHAHA !!!!

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