Throwback Thursdays – Alexis Desolneux / Clandé

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, we have a nice treat from the archives that many of us have never seen. As Alexis Desolneux continues to document his video parts throughout his riding career, he just dropped this “Clandé” part from 1997.
Clandé Troupe was a little group of friends, BMXers and skateboarders who made videos during the late 90’s, they invited Alexis to be a part of their project. Enjoy this one where you can begin to see how Alexis started to develop his style….

One thought on “Throwback Thursdays – Alexis Desolneux / Clandé

  1. DAMN !!! Dump trucks STRAIGHT to fudge packers , switching to LEFT stick-B …STUBBLE DUCKED to left cross gerator ! His X-LEG whiplash , switch / step over to BACK SIDE side squeak , switching to pinks …….catching to an INSIDE circle PEDAL left cross junk yard !! Those PEDAL squeaker bar flips , even just flowing em to fire pinks ! Its really WILD , riders like Alexis , O.G. Marton , Albert Retey , Akira Okamura , etc …… can go WAAAAAAAAAY back to all their riding footage ……..and ALL of it…….STILL could STAND UP , today in 2020 ! Desolneux has done SO much stuff throughout the years ……if he had the urge …..he too could have a SOLO D.V.D. , that would be 5 HOURS long , haha……he could fill the first hour , during his blue Standard Shorty frame era , haha………STOKED I got to meet / chat with this cat @ Flatland Voodoo Jam 2019 ! After breakfast in the hotel lobby , Finals day ……..he IMMEDIATLY went out on a SOLO street / skatepark mission , collecting some video clips for his social media . Dude can ride some serious technical street lines with the best of em ……….after all ……he was the FIRST to throw down HANG FIVE grinds down ledges AND rails , CIRCA early 1998 ! He also listens to one of the countless bands I like , Entombed ! We had a cool discussion about which was their most rad albums , haha…..Alexis RULES . BACKWARDS whiplash MASTER , TIMES 7 ! I can BARELY pull ONE going FOWARD , hahaha……………..

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