Throwback Thursdays – Alexis Desolneux Flatcrap 2004

For this weeks TBT we go back thirteen years to Dane Beardsley’s 2004 Flatcrap DVD which he just uploaded to his Youtube Channel. Alexis Desolneux had an amazing section on Dane’s video which still stands up to this day, well worth a rewatch or for some of you the first time watching. It’s a treat either way,

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Alexis Desolneux Flatcrap 2004

  1. I totally forgot about this dvd until seeing this today, now I’m trying to remember which storage bin it’s in so I can catch the whole thing! Amazing section that I think I slept on back then because I was so preoccupied with barflip this into pinky squeak that style moves at the time.

  2. Always been one of the most original riders out there doing some of the hardest stuff. A real rider’s rider. One of my all-time favourite for sure!

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