Throwback Thursdays: Braun Flatground 2006

We all have edits that are go to for a bit of motivation, and over the years I have found myself going back to this Braun Flatground in 2006 by Global Flat numerous times. It was freezing cold at the venue in Amsterdam as I recall (it was in December), but the riding was anything but, and the battles got heated.
When I look back this event really was the start of a new generation coming through on the big stage with the likes of Matthias Dandois, Sam Foakes, Keelan Phillips and many more, pushing hard in the finals, commuting against the experienced pros like Martti Kuoppa who really dug deep and showed everyone who is the boss. So much good riding, and the tunes go well, it’s worth sitting down today and taking a trip down memory lane.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: Braun Flatground 2006

  1. I was well out of flatland in this era,guess from the uk whenever keelan popped up must have been exciting,I remember the Austin ogs telling me about him

  2. Feel like this was when Matthias really broke out. His stuff with brakes was…so hard even back then. His video parts on Myspace dropped at the same time and it was just unreal how much he knew at the time.

  3. Awesome TT Big E! Sam and Matthias…. Legends in the making for real…. The Boss showed everybody there in the final who is the Boss… Hahaha!

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