Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester / Battle in the Rockies Video Contest

For a couple of years I would meet up with Cory Fester at the Intrikat Jam in Long Beach California, and pieces of this amazing line for the 2014 Battle in the Rockies come into my mind. I remember hours of crashing on the last switch handed fork wheelie jump through the frame to backwards halfpacker in the LBC underground, Cory’s dedication is next level! Five years on, this line is still absolutely cutting edge. Respect Cory!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester / Battle in the Rockies Video Contest

  1. OOOOOOOOOO, Effraim ……as we say here across the pond , well ….us old dudes , anyway , haha……youre preaching to the choir , meaning…….Im TOTALLY with ya being STOKED on THIS link of Corys ! Ive been commenting on THIS line …..SINCE 2014 . To me it has it ALL ……originality , HIGH level difficulty , and kinda an INTENSE flow to it , very smooth , but INTENSE , especially hearing him hit those pegs , ZERO scuff , on that backwards switch hand steam LEEEAAAP over bars , to backwards side packer towards the end of the line, the kind of combo that WOULD shutdown ANY contest ,to a FIRST place victory , and the kind of line where REAL riders with a TRAINED eye can understand , appreciate the sheer difficulty , throughout the ENTIRE combo . This link is and has been one for the books , since the day Fester unleashed it online ……..I always have to come back , take it in …….and comment on it from time to time , haha….gracias , Big-E for making THIS one a T.T. exclusive. THIS makes my morning , campeon , and his cross , backwards tea kettle flip to side packer , SLLLAAAAAAAMMMMMED @ 11 SECONDS , TECH at its BEST….. he coulda rode out AFTER that ……NOPE …he just continued to lay the HAMMERZ DOWN through the WHOLE line …….I could ramble about this combo for hours………….

    • Yes Rodney I have memories of Curt landing on his back onto his front peg trying the last switch, the switch handed girl wheelie jump through the frame to backwards halfpacker backwards Karl out over and over. Remember him landing it after hours of trying, Cory is the man!

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