Throwback Thursdays – Dane Beardsley / Same Thing Daily 3 Part

This weeks throwback is dedicated to one of the most skilled dudes in the game that doesn’t get enough love, Dane Beardsley. His Same Thing Daily 3 section strikes a a nice tone with me, you have the hardcore flatland, cruising streets, trails, Dane can do it all. And that backwards death truck line at around the 2:18 mark is just pure gold. Watching again….

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Dane Beardsley / Same Thing Daily 3 Part

  1. I love Dane’s riding. He came up to NE for the Fracas a few years back and I was blown away at his unique style and bike control. Then saw this video later and was more blown away! The light-cross-footed switches and tire kicks that goes from slow to fast – could watch this all day.

  2. SO RAD / TECHNICAL and PRECISE !! You NEVER KNOW where hes going to / from during his combos !!! Bike CONTROL-TIMES 7 , this part / his WINNING run at Trans Jam, in I think 2013 , along with his runs from the La Revolution comp back in 2002 are some of the GEMS I love watching of Dane !!!!! RESPECT jefe !!!!!!!

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