2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Jinx Velvet Taxi

  1. Love this video, and I have the original velvet-covered VHS tape here with me. Ells’ psychedelic video editing at its best, although the audio in the YouTube upload is slightly distorted.

    This video showed me that Trevor has one of the most extensive – if not, the most extensive – tricktionaries in the sport.

    There are many highlights, but the standouts for me are the inside elephant scuff at 7:14, and the inside circle-k’s on the pedal (14:33 and 25:11).

  2. The “Original” Velvet covered vhs tape is one of the only ones I kept. This video shows “The Canadian Beast” in all his glory. Jay was fucking RAD! Nate Hansen, Troy McMurray, Osicka and Edgar= Pretty EPIC team.

    Ps-Where’s the Elles Bells “un-cut”, some of those shots look pretty “interesting”?!

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