6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Matthias Dandois / WatchBMX

  1. I remember when this came out and nobody had seem him ride back wheel before. This was also hot on the heels of those three videos he put on myspace that were like 4 minutes long each of his riding, and shortly after this he had like 2-3 more videos on agoride. When I met him next year at Voodoo jam he told me he was riding like 8 hours a day. He also was like.. 17-18 when this was filmed. in-fucking-sane.

  2. Can someone upload those myspace videos? They were when he was riding the black R.I.P. frame with grey OG bars primarily i believe. Uffie was the song artist in those too if i remember correctly.

  3. Matthias was the first doing a lot of that rolling/pivoting back wheel stuff. His videos are still up on myspace if you go looking. I had some videos he sent me yeeeeaars ago but I have no idea where they are now. He did way more stuff beyond those myspace videos.

    Like this 🙂

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