Throwback Thursdays – Mazar Kadri – Flatland 2007-2011

When this video reappeared the other day as a result of the Joe Cicman – Double Jaffa whip rebate video I had this in mind for a Throwback (ref: Lee Musselwhite’s comment). We first posted this back in 2011, Mazar had to stop riding due to having some elbow/shoulder/wrist/back problems. Mazar’s creative riding will never be forgotten and particularly the no handed crack step over no handed whip half packer banger at 3:28. Incredible bike control, and I still don’t think it has been done to this day! Respect!

15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Mazar Kadri – Flatland 2007-2011

  1. This was a surprise to see this morning.

    After this video I had taken a break from riding for almost 1 or 2 years (I would ride sporadically in that time period).

    I’d gotten sick of being perpetually broke and injured obsessing over the flatland lifestyle ( riding 6-7 hours almost every day )

    My right ankle was really wrecked and most of my joints were in a lot of pain. I got a job – saved up some money- did some physiotherapy etc.

    I’ve begun riding again seriously for the past 5-6 months.

    I’ve changed my riding style now to a more back-to-the-basics approach. Trying to making tricks more energy efficient and less strenuous.

    I have more of a “perfect circle philosophy” with my tricks now. At the moment it’s not good enough to film but I’m progressing every session.

    Anyways, This is pretty motivating.

    Cheers everyone]

    – Mazar

  2. I saw this vid posted in the comments of Joe ‘s vid, I was so impressed I emailed it to Effraim and asked him to post it!

    The whole edit is amazing its looks like a constant build up of skill to that epic No handed whiplash in front of the bars.

    True artistry on a personal mission.

    Stoked to hear you riding again Mazar 😉

  3. Great to see this on here. Very cool the circumstance of this being reposted because of the comments on jaffa rebate. Discussions leading to more discussions. I brought up sam foakes and mazar as inspirations/pioneers of no handed pinch technique i applied to whiplash. Creative and groundbreaking stuff. That unfortunately has not been pursued further

  4. Mazar! You wrote: Trying to making tricks more energy efficient and less strenuous.”

    Very powerful post! You gave me something to think about while nursing a back injury. At my age, and with my levels of responsibility, I only ride on average a few hours a week. Finding more ‘energy efficient and less strenuous’ ways of doing tricks or tricks themselves made a lot of sense. Welcome back to the scene by the way.


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