Throwback Thursdays – Mingle 2009

For this week’s Throwback we go back to this dope Mingle compilation edit featuring Yoshihiro Shinde, Hideki Kawai, Keisuke Matsumoto (that back wheel combo at 1:33!), Hotoke kills it from the 2:25 mark, the crackpacker pivot xft half hiker pivot half packer still stands out to this day at 4:25!!, Osamu Hamaguchi (incredible steam/fork wheelie bar flips at 3:20, this is well worth a rewatch!!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Mingle 2009

  1. Hotoke is probably one of the most incredible riders I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he rides as much now, but the runs he was throwing down in like 2006-2007 were probably on a Justin Miller level of difficulty. I remember a contest run of his against Ucchie where he just completely wiped the floor with him.

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