Throwback Thursdays – Moto Sasaki Groundtactics

moto sasaki ground tactics final from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

With the Battle in the Rockies video contest well under way with Shintaro Misawa setting the bar super high yesterday, I started to think back to the ground tactics video contest, this felt as good a time as ever to repost Moto’s incredible 3 minute combo.

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Moto Sasaki Groundtactics

  1. Haha great minds think alike. I was just talking about this and battle of the rockies. The craziest link thats ever been done. Totally epic link. He just completely destroyed the competition!

  2. this is the only edit ive watched more than once , love when its gets to about 1.30 and u think shit that’s a long link and its only halfway through! kin mental

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