Throwback Thursdays – Release the Grease 1995

Probably showing my age here, but I find myself going back over older videos to draw inspiration for something new and this is one of the best videos from the 90’s. Ells Bell killed on the edit, so much killer riding from the likes of Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot, Ali Barjesteh, Phil Dolan, Sean Peters, Paul Osicka, Nate Hanson, and many more. Worth your time to sit down, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one. Inspiring video!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Release the Grease 1995

  1. You read my mind BIG E , was thinking about this , 665 and a half , and Ring The Gack the other day ! LOVED this video , got em all on V.H.S !!! Just gotta find em , hahahahah !!! Trevor , Paul , Chad RIPPED in this !! Man ,where is Ellsworth Watson ??? Hope he still rides/films !!!!

  2. This is most definitely my favorite era of Flatland.

    SO much TEXTURE to the riding — not all just rolling. Tons of controlled movements, man-handling, INSANE footwork and brutal switches — makes it pretty much fascinating to watch imho.

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