Throwback Thursdays – Ring the Gack 1994

The first throwback of 2018, we go back to 1994 and a flatland classic by Ells Bells. Ring the Gack features amazing riding from the likes of Chase Gouin, Jesse Puente, Richard Zabzdyr (R.I.P), Paul Osicka, Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot and many more. Worth sitting down with a cuppa and enjoying this one!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Ring the Gack 1994

  1. AGREED , LEGEND= VALANCE DRAKES , SO F—-KN AGREED , campeon !!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad THIS was uploaded , makes my DAY-TIMES 7 , this video , maaaaaaaaan ………………let me tell you …….SO many memories back in 1994-95 while watching my V.H.S. copy of THIS video ordered from TREND bike source , PRE- EMPIRE . THIS video REALLY inspired me , my old riding crew back then , SUCH a RAD film , the RIDING , MULTIPLE riders , their SIGNATURE riding STYLES / TECHNIQUES / COMBOS , ETC , ETC !! THE ……..MUSIC , OHHHHHHHH , the SOUNDTRACK to THIS ………….as DIVERSE as the RIDING in it , the WAY a BMX VIDEO …..SHOULD be !!! LOADS of LEGEND riders in THIS video , SUCH a PROGRESSIVE riding video , LOTS of MOVES / COMBOS in THIS……………STILL relevant TO …..THIS DAY !!! ELLS-BELLS aka , ELLSWORTH WATSON was YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRS ……AHEAD of ANYONE / EVERYONE with his VISION / EDITING / FILMING , ETC , ETC …….when it came to PRODUCING bmx FILMS !!!!

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