Throwback Thursdays – Shimersville PA Contest 1994

Following the introduction of “Flat Snitches” last night, this great footage from the archives was brought to my attention. Scott Nagy out of Columbus, Ohio uploaded the runs from Shimersville PA Contest 1994 which will bring back memories to many from Edgar and Jesse’s Wheelies part. At over 38 minutes long, there is great riding from the AM’s and the Pros of that time period, Trey Leeper, Val Naso, Sean Peters, Bobby Fisher, Paul Palmer (R.I.P), Mike Noonan (‘My favorite Albino!’), Edgar Placencia (watch his run from 14:12, and the infamous “That’s how ghetto I am right at the end!), Richard Zabzydr (R.I.P), Paul Vail, Dennis McCoy, Jay Miron, and last but definitely not least Jesse Puente’s run at 34:20. Great stuff from the archives….

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Shimersville PA Contest 1994

  1. Although l was never there, it seems to have had a local, laid back vibe, from watching it on vid. It reminds me of the contests we had here in the same era.

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