Throwback – Simon O’Brien Intrikat Landescape A

Got to be honest I’m on a bit of a SImon O’Brien kick at the moment. And why the hell not, what an amazing rider with one of the biggest bag of tricks in the game. Take this 2002 Intrikat Landescape A part is small example. There’s not too many riders messing around with backwards xft halfpackers and the blender line at 1:45 where Simon et’s the pedals round to switch into xft caboose on pedal is still amazing to this day! I got a real autumn vibe watching this one this morning. Well worth a re-watch or if you haven’t seen it, a real treat!

6 thoughts on “Throwback – Simon O’Brien Intrikat Landescape A

  1. I remember this section had me on some, “Who the f-(& is Simon O’brien”, type shit! Also the first bit of “new flat” I’d seen in a while. Game changer!

  2. One of the few riders in the world who can do everything at an amazing level: forward, backward, spinning, rolling, turbining, kickflipping, front wheel, back wheel…

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