Throwback Thursdays – Trevor Meyer & Andrew Faris / 1997 B3 New York

Whilst I have been off work injured, I have naturally had a lot of free time to kill. It’s been a good time to watch a lot of old videos, and came across this ESPN broadcast that focusses on the rivalry between Andrew Faris and Trevor Meyer at the New York B3 contest in 1997!

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Trevor Meyer & Andrew Faris / 1997 B3 New York

  1. AWESOME find… man, the impact back then whenever someone would beat Trevor in a contest was huge. Didn’t care for ESPN trying to make drama between them though. I remember being bummed when Faris transitioned from this style of riding into his 50 half-cab whopper attempts in a run phase… his barflip stuff was so on point, and when he started linking in rolling tricks, he blew up flatland. Miss those days…

  2. There was something about a phase of flatland just prior to Andrew’s rise that was overall unappealing to me as a rider. I think it may have been the over progression of scuffing as I remember learning to scuff a backwards funky at the time like it was imperative. I wonder if various comments I read on this site over the years alluding to too much pumping or pumping a trick for too long are similar aversions to over progression of a style much like I felt many moons ago.

    Anyway, this overall musing expressed in writing at what mostly likey will be to myself about an old thread at 12:43 am in the morning on Flatmatters has brought me to the realization that when our sport of flatland evolves…balancing tricks, hopping tricks, scuffing tricks, rolling tricks, pumping/turbining etc…there is a natural need for over progression of that style before, perhaps by happenstance in the attempt to progress the old, a new trend emerges.

    Damn…too much thinking. Time to go to bed.

  3. It was great to have flatland on tv & riders being able to make some good money, but it would have been cool if they could have spelled Andrew’s last name correctly.

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