Throwback Thursdays – Wheelies 94′ section / Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia

Originality never gets old, the Dorkin in York 8 Wheelies DVD dropped in 1994. 22 years ago, and still to this day this section with Jesse and Edgar hits hard! Mark Eaton kills it on the mix, and the flow of this section, inspirational riding and style to so many of us over the years! Respect!

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Wheelies 94′ section / Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia

  1. I watched this section EVERYDAY in the fall of 1994. I broke my fingers while trying to learn backpackers as a 15-year-old kid. I watched this everyday while I couldn’t ride.

    Against doctors orders I rode at the ’94 BS Finals in Chicago in the beginner class. Who is judging beginner class… none other than Edgar Placentia. I still couldn’t ride out of backpackers, especially since I hadn’t been able to ride for 6-weeks, but I tried one in my run anyway. I was so nervous, and I don’t even know why I tried that. I fell and was on the verge of melting down in my first contest ever.

    While judging Edgar yelled out some words of encouragement during my run… something like, “Get that.” When he said that I felt like I had already won. Here was one of my idols encouraging me during my run.

    I still remember that to this day. Edgar saved me from freaking out during the middle of my run in my first contest ever. I ended up winning beginner class in my first contest ever. Thanks Edgar!!!

    And as for Jesse… I think he is still my favorite rider of all time.

  2. Great story Matt. More stories need to be told like that on flatmatters. I’m sure we all have great flatland stories to tell and this is a forum to do that!

    • One year at jomopro, will competing in the master class, Matt Wilhelm was heckling me and asking when I was going to finally win one of these, then cheered me on during my run.

      I didn’t end up winning the master class that day, but years later, flew to England to win there and then turn pro at King of Southsea…but I’ll always remember Matt asking me when I was going to win when at jomopro (and then cheering me and other novice/expert/master class riders).

  3. “… DVD dropped in 1994”? No way man, I’m pretty sure this was a straight VHS joint back then! lol I remember reading all about the Shimerville comp in BMX Plus and seeing the picture of Jesse’s one handed spin. Then my girlfriend back then bought me a copy of Wheelies for X-mas, and seeing that trick in motion just blew my mind. My Wheelies tape is one of my most prized bmx possessions to this day, and this section specifically is one of the major reasons why. =) That x-footed whiplash to quick bw halfpacker link from Edgar at around 2:42 still hits hard.

  4. Edgar had it all put together in this edit… creativity, difficulty, smooth style, and attitude. One of my all-time favorite parts.

  5. Such a RAD story Matt ! 15 , doing backpackers with BROKEN fingers in your first COMP ,WINNING it with Edgar judging/hyping you up ! Thanks for sharing that . + 1 Burd , AGREED !!!!! Props Edgar, Jesse for pushing the art !!!

  6. Estamos aguardando de Mark Eaton uma edição atual e com entrevistas dos riders sensacionais daquela epoca!! Most best DVD fol all time!!

  7. late to comment here-

    edgar filmed his “section” in less than 30 mins, on a random spot he
    had never rode at before, much less with legendary rider/camerman
    mark eaton!

    it should be called a “session” not a section, since he nailed all this
    amazing shit in a one time deal, not several filming days edited into one
    section. that alone is incredible, much less the super sweet, original, and
    fuckin’ hard moves he flows through with his beautiful style!


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