Throwback Thursdays – Wire: 1989-1995 Part 1

“Wire: 1989-1995” part 1 from kchapman on Vimeo.

Kieran Chapman from Wire ‘Zine captured a hell of a lot of good riding from the New England scene between 89 & 95, don’t sleep on this! A lot of stuff in this with a lil’ tweak here and there would be more than relevant to this day!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Wire: 1989-1995 Part 1

  1. Joe Johnson kicked MAJOR a.., Kevin Robinson, Keith McElhinney sure rocked. Amazing video without a doubt, wonder if Heino brothers were from New England ? dope footage, thanks for posting it

  2. Pelio had that lever scraping Karl on lock 20 years before Moto. Hard to believe! Credit to the New England scene – they had the best scene and riders in the US that very few had heard of!

  3. I gotcha Rick. I grew up competing in the KOF living in MA. Moved out to the Midwest and the level of riding was nowhere near the NE area. Love watching the current footage of New England riders – great memories!

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