5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Alex Jumelin

  1. No offence Alex, but I like this style so much and if you’re reading this, I think you’re 1 of the all time greats, despite the negative talk from the keyboard warriors. I still watch your Dvd when you were on Ares to this day, sometimes. You achieved the ‘made you look’ in my opinion. I I know you went brakeless & have & continue to take your riding into another direction, which’s everyone’s ‘choice’.

  2. It’s crazy for any Flatlander to go pull 8 combos in a row flawlessly which is what Alex does in this run. Tons and tons of practice to get to that level.

  3. I really like all these combos he pulled . So rad to me riders like Jumelin , Meyer , Gouin , Degroot , Caternellis , Catlow , etc have such a vast tricktionary on both wheels ! You can go back years and years and watch videos of them doing tricks , links that are so cool………stuff that they learned , dialed and moved on to entirely different tricks , variations , and combos . This rules -times 7 to me ! Its one of those things that has me in awe with these riders . Hell bruv , myself……..I STILL use stuff from as far back as 1997 in my own combos , haha. Cant imagine having tons and tons of tricks , links that I don’t do anymore , haha. This is one of my favorite time eras of Jumelins riding , this one and early 2000 , when he rode that completely red spray painted G.T. Show frame , and of course I REALY , REALY dig his riding style TODAY , also . Again…….SO crazy having such a HUGE tricktionary , really sets a rider apart in my opinion . Stoked on this T.B.T. , Big -E ! Viva K.O.C. !!

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