13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Alexis Desolneux

  1. Funny you posted THIS BIG E !! Finally meeting / chatting with at Voodoo Jam THIS is the FIRST thing I asked / talked with him about , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! He was saying after riding with Chase when he was in France in mid -1999 that he felt inspired /motivated to ALSO remove his own brakes . Alexis said after riding , getting in the brakeless groove , progressing that Chad got in contact with him to let him to let him know he wanted to film / ride in France !! We ALL see what came out of THAT situation , a BANGING / TECH / PROGRESSIVE video master piece -TIMES 7 !!! STOKED to have met Alexis / have him as a judge at Voodoo Jam !! LOVE this section !!

  2. This will always be awesome because it is so refined and his style was already so mature at this time. People will see this in 50 years and still see that.

  3. The other video section that came out later with so much technical riding was Stephen Hearns section around 2005? Those sections combined defined cross foot progression still used today. Obviously Viki and Martii added so much more as well. Ross Smith too. Regardless, just an amazing contribution to flatland.

  4. Haha thanks guys!! Didn’t know this was online! Great memory filming this. To give you a bit of insight following Rodney’s comment, yes I met Chase in nov 96, I was a bit bored with my flat riding back then to be honest, I had no clear plan and going brakeless gave me one in the long run like never before. So much excitement, also a heavy feeling of “standing at the bottom of the wall”, yet it made complete sense to me. Brakes off in dec 97, 2 years later Chad stopped by in my little town! Gipsy families on my usual spot the whole summer, we had to go film on that supermarket parking lot which I used as an alternative. There were thunderstorms and we would wait under a shopping carts shelter for the asphalt to dry out. I remember we were both feeling happy after collecting these clips.

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