Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin

Function Victim (re-edited) – Chase Gouin from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

This weekend all eyes are on Round 4 of the World Circuit in Montreal, Canada. One of the flatland greats, Chase Gouin is judging! I dedicate this weeks throwback to the man that gave us all so much riding wise that will never be duplicated! Function Victim is now fifteen years old, and will most likely always remain timeless! Definitely worth a trip down memory lane and watching this one again!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin

  1. Definitely not taking away anything from any riders nowadays, but it’s refreshing to see this kind of brakeless riding again without all the pumping and turbining that goes on now…. just more fluid I guess? I love the pump/turbine style, but it’s almost too prominent now as a technique.

  2. Right there with you Pete. Would watch this over and over. Soundtrack still kills too. Everything about this footage was excellent.

  3. Coloradical, Max Condiati shared this video with me last winter and I couldn’t believe the dialed moves Chase does in this. Motivating!!

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