Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin / Scott Powell / Brian Rybak

This weeks Throwback is dedicated a video, Chase, Scott and Brian put together back in 1999. The riding that went down at Chenga was way ahead of the time, I think this video went under the radar of most riders. So if you haven’t seen this, it will be worth setting aside to digest this one!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin / Scott Powell / Brian Rybak

  1. Thanks for posting this E! It was amazing to see Chase ride at Chenga during this period, he was pushing new tricks and combos every session. I’m sure there are TONS that he never bothered to put on tape! Scott was right there pushing new stuff too! That floor sure was something…great some days… almost unrideable others.

    • No worries Brian! I saw this many years ago at Keith Kings house, some of the combos still stand out today! Amazing footage Brian, much have been a pleasure to be involved in that scene!

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