Throwback Thursdays with Denes Katona

Denes Katona / Spring 2010 from og pictures on Vimeo.

This weeks throwback goes to a rolling master, Denes Katona! This edit from Spring 2010 will stand the test of time for many years to come! This is well worth a rewatch or you haven’t watched this already, an absolute treat!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Denes Katona

  1. This edit is still unbelievable,
    and it’s even more crazy that Chase was
    doing a lot of these whiplash combos in 2000.
    Chase, Denis, and Alexis should team up and
    make a Video called “Whiplash”
    They are the kings of it.
    And maybe Kevin Jones can do a “cameo “,
    because he is the whiplash God .

  2. This guy is the “Kevin Jones’ spiritual son” about rollings.
    He has even beat the “whiplashes world record” of KJ without front brake !

  3. Denes does stuff that no one else even bothers to try to learn because it would take years and years to learn. If a contest area was bigger him and Phil Dolan would own the floor.

    By the way, KJ’s whiplash record is 84. He doesn’t have that on vid but he told me that he pulled it the day before his famous 52 whiplash vid. He said he was going for 100 but a vehicle driving by distracted him.

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