Throwback Thursdays with Flatland Manifesto #5 / 2002

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 2002, it maybe the time of year but lately I’m watching a lot of full lengths videos rather than edits and that is reflected in my choice for this weeks TBT! Grab a cuppa or whatever you drink and enjoy this one, featuring great footage from the Ham Jam, CFB New York, EXPN Grand Prarie and Atlanta, a rad Nathan Penonzek interview, Atlanta and Athens Scene report, there’s something for everyone in this one and so much good riding to boot! Man, I miss the Manifesto videos…

5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Flatland Manifesto #5 / 2002

  1. Loving THIS edition of F.M. !! That was a really fun spring / summer for me ! Went to that E.X.P.N qualifier in Grand Prarie , loads of jams , other comps in Texas , Man , THOSE prelim runs in G.P. , man , BIG-E !! Riders were seriously THROWING DOWN , NOT caring about making finals , going for their VIDEO stuff , AND alot of them were PULLING THAT stuff also !! Nathan COMPLETLY destroyed his prelim run , think he qualified first !! I have to share / post some of that on F.B. , Oscar Rene Garcia , a LEGEND rider from Laredo Texas , I went there with him to CELEBRATE the day after I turned 28 !! Aaron Frost was ON too , that day , along with York , Adam Pintek , Cerra , etc , etc !!!!

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