Throwback Thursdays with James White

It’s a quiet day at the moment at FM HQ! Let’s go back to April 2009, when James White dropped this “How-to Pinky Squeak” edit with some amazing forward death truck walk arounds and regular death truck walkarounds in this, it’s definitely worth a watch!
All on the lightest flatland bike I think I have ever picked up, in related news: Myself and James will be working on a podcast in March to discuss his editorial winning edit, and of course a long overdue interview with the godfather! Stay tuned here on FM!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with James White

  1. That podcast idea seems a great idea!!
    Just, please, if that’s possible, can you plan to speak not too fast and make your accent not too harsh 😉 Usually a conversation between two english native speakers (specially two brits! 😉 ) can be quite hard to understand clearly for the non english speakers 😉 Cheers 🙂
    Best would be to have the conversation filmed with subtitles in english but that’s quite a huge job I guess

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