23 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Justin Miller

  1. Justin used to film EVERYTHING. It’s a shame I still don’t have a lot of the home clips he sent me ten years ago. They were so disgustingly sick even by today’s standards.

  2. I wonder if OSD (old school dan) still have the footage of Justin pulling a hitchhiker 180 kickflip to 180 kickflip to 360 kickflip landed cross footed.
    I don’t think I;ve seen that video clip online.

    Best throw back for sure..

  3. Justin was an awesome rider he had his reign as everything else does in nature. he peeked and left. i would be surprised if we see Justin again. not sure what Justin is up to these days but terry keep’s in contact with him every now and then. ask him.

  4. What a god damned monster. He quit, got fat, and started doing construction. I don’t understand how he “peaked”. If he pulled this stuff at a contest today he’d win.; if he pulled the hitch kick flips he’d win. Why do I always hear “he couldn’t take not being the best so he quit” or “it was all or nothing”. He’d still destroy with that stuff right now.

    • Always wondering why Justin never made any dvd with his best of riding,like persevere or like Dreams of Terry?? Miller had a depth in his agenda that few had in that era…let alone the wizardy in his tricks…Halfhiker pressure flip to halfpacker,backpacker kickflip,hitchhiker 360 kickflip,hitch pressure bike flip to backpacker…endless barflip switches…the list is goes on and on.His mark is deep in flatland and will remain forever…wish i could come close to his level,sometime…

      • You’re preaching to the choir , Giannis ! That switch / full bar jump over @ 17 seconds in the first video is mental ! He comes right outta a switch hand steam carve , jumps over the frame and lands in a cross side yard roll…….THEN holds , rolls it and flips the bars to a side packer . Until this video I had never seen him do THAT transition at all. Miller was / is such a monster on his bike ! He ALWAYS would do stuff the hardest possible way …..like @ 29 seconds , he jumps BACK over the frame from the carved side packer doing ANOTHER full bar , landing to a switch hand steam . These were some really SLLLAMMMMED lines , both of them . I still love watching both of them to this day. Giannis , thank you for the much needed reminder for us all to watch these two lines again . After all ……if they were uploaded TODAY in 2021…..they’d still hang and bang with todays riding , especially in the technical aspect of things. You’re ALSO at a VERY , VERY high level yourself , G ! Your mark is set in stone as well in the sport ! I remember Justin a couple years back actually posted an Instagram combo on his bike , 2018 ?? He STILL had it ! Let’s just hope he returns……….

        • Yeah amigo that switch @17 seconds on the first video is a Miller signature and if i remember correct he did it also in the battle with Pete Brandt at the beach,around 2005 in the middle of a project that Chad Johnston experimented…in a parking lot do you remember cabrone??Justin delivered all kind of magic switches and kickflips on that…and you know what?he lost that battle…!!never understanded why still to this day….here these 2 videos still hits hard today just like in 2008 when he filmed those…pretty stoked he filmed back again 10 years later in 2018 for insta…really??Wish he could be back in action…..

          • Hell YEEEESSS , G ! I remember Chad Johnston’s Ground Tactics D.V.D. , I have it and watch it time to time to be reminded of exactly what you typed…….Miller’s SLLLLAMMMMED combos ! Pete did bust out too ! I love that video cause it shows the reality and raw unedited realness of riding flatland @ the highest level . Giannis , if Chad did a part 2 and threw YOU in there with your HEAVY tricktionary …..THAT would be intense , TIMES 7……yeah , I too wish Miller would return . When he posted that Insta combo I got STOKED……..

      • Second video …..@ 29 seconds ! Another one I hadn’t seen him do . Instead of his whipping of the frame from that bars big steam , pivot -bar twitch to side packer……….he again pivots to that STYLISH cross side yard roll , holds the position …..BAM ! Flips to crack packer . These lines are HEAVY …..2013 ??! Whatever ! Giannis , you know what’s up , hermano !

        • Also that switch to crackpacker @29 on the second shows the possibilities of that move,you can go anywhere from there!!…..and no hermano this aint 2013….around 2006 that khe frame came in production so i believe its between 2006 to 2008. TJ Perry commented here that Justin used to film EVERYTHING and he shared with him clips from 2003 that were crazy even by todays standards…can you believe that my brother Rodney??man i want to see these clips asap….

          • TIMES 7 , cabrone ! I’d actually PAY T.J. to find and upload those combo clips , haha ! I can only imagine the kinds of stuff that he would session , learn and experiment with on a daily basis . Damn I feel REALLY dumb , Giannis , haha…..he IS riding his K.H.E. signature frame the Militant and my dumb ass actually thought these lines were from 2013 , hahaha…..thank you for checking me , G ! Remember his lines @ that one 2008 K.O.G. that was in a mall looking venue ? SLLLLAMMMMED ! Giannis which year was your favorite era of Miller’s career , combo wise and why ??

    • My brother whats up??Thinking about my favourite Miller era was probably around this time of millitant era like here showcasing on these clips which i feel was 2006…flatring era!!Justin was a completed flatlander on that time,having endless switches and tons of original stuff like his signature hitch bikeflip kickflip to backpacker and others…he didnt even need to learn any new tricks…he could keep his agenda as it is and still win contests even nowadays with these links…that how good Justin Miller was…

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