14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Justin Miller

  1. Justin used to film EVERYTHING. It’s a shame I still don’t have a lot of the home clips he sent me ten years ago. They were so disgustingly sick even by today’s standards.

  2. I wonder if OSD (old school dan) still have the footage of Justin pulling a hitchhiker 180 kickflip to 180 kickflip to 360 kickflip landed cross footed.
    I don’t think I;ve seen that video clip online.

    Best throw back for sure..

  3. Justin was an awesome rider he had his reign as everything else does in nature. he peeked and left. i would be surprised if we see Justin again. not sure what Justin is up to these days but terry keep’s in contact with him every now and then. ask him.

  4. What a god damned monster. He quit, got fat, and started doing construction. I don’t understand how he “peaked”. If he pulled this stuff at a contest today he’d win.; if he pulled the hitch kick flips he’d win. Why do I always hear “he couldn’t take not being the best so he quit” or “it was all or nothing”. He’d still destroy with that stuff right now.

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