Throwback Thursdays with Kevin Jones

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 1989 and a great bit of history that made it’s way onto the internet a few years back, thanks to AJ @Habnad. Kevin Jones’ ground breaking run from the AFA Masters Bristol PA 1989. This was the first time anyone publicly saw the hitchhiker and the backpacker pre-internet days, not to mention as Brett Downs commented, “95 percent of his run and his tricks, who else can say that?”. Do yourself a favour, whether your old school, new school whatever labels you chose, watch the crowd reaction when Jones pulls out the backpacker at around 3:58. This is without a doubt one of the influential moments in BMX and Flatland. Thank you Kevin Jones and thank you AJ for the re-upload in better quality! This is golden!

16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Kevin Jones

  1. Tyson Godfrey brought footage back to Florida from this contest. It was filmed from the stands. This was a different time in flatland. When Kevin pulled his hitchhiker and backpacker tricks the stands went into an earth shaking roar. When we all saw it, we simply couldn’t believe what Kevin was doing on a bike. The next day, our riding spot surface became littered with scrape marks from the end of our handlebars trying to learn these tricks…what a time. Thank you for the post E.

  2. One of the most influential tricks from THE most influential flatlander of all times! I will never get bored of watching Kevin Jones ride flat!

  3. I remember it, like it was yesterday, I remember thinking that freestyle had just changed forever! I was loosing my mind and cheering through the whole run. I think Ray knocked me over twice… haha

  4. It the second contest of my life, finished 2nd in novice haha. My riding buddy Pete Welding sitting on the floor in front of the trophy table. That was a game changing day right there. Within a few months everyone was doing or trying to learn hitchhikers!

  5. yes! after all these years seeing pictures, or watching videos with music over this particular run, it is great watching it like this, thanks for posting!

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