Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

Looking back to 2011, and amazing time period for me personally riding wise sharing progression videos with Martti Kuoppa and you the flatland community at home. I just watching this “Nora Cup Loser” edit that still eight years on is a banger. Everything hits hard in this one, go watch this again and get hyped for todays session.

11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

  1. The people stuck in 1987 could never appreciate the real value in what this short segment offers. Great work Martti!!

    • What an odd thing to say.

      I appreciate Kevin’s contributions, as well as Martti’s. Not sure why there’s some sort of vague theory of a lack of appreciation being thrown out here. I’ve never met a flatlander that didn’t think Martti is a hero.

  2. Not sure either, why there’d be people stuck in 1987.I think Martti, along with many other great riders have been inspirational as well as their contributions. I don’t think it hurts to respect the past and how it shaped the present.

  3. In reality many of us are still doing numerous tricks from ’87, and that’s because they’ve stood the test of time ;& for a good reason. The post about Simon O’Brien doing a mix of the past, with newer positions etc, is proof of that. I’m all for exploring the present into the future though.

  4. Like the whiplash jump thingy, I think it was. I’m not sure if there’s a name for that. And the forward lash to step over the bars to lash, I think. I’m certain this is hard, probably the lash to step over the bars link. If I didn’t say previously, Simon’s vid was called ‘Made You Look. Well, it certainly did that,& this little bit of Martti did to.

      • I watched Martti,Simon and Kevin all fitted together in 10 minutes! It couldnt made my evening better! Thank you again for the time you spend doing all this work at flatmatters,because with work and this fast modern lifestyle we dont have so much time to search and watch all this that we see here!Ride on!

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