Throwback Thursdays with Nick Watts

Pure gold from the archives from the man that can’t be stopped right now. Nick Watts has bust onto our screens this year and we can’t get enough of it. Peep this throwback “PIM 2” edit that just went online, amazing lines, and awesome mix of tunes too. I shall be watching this one again, the man can move around that bike! Style!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Nick Watts

  1. Nick Watts must be the only hardcore mid-school flatlander who can ride comfortably with a freewheel hub. It’s amazing. I know Mark Eaton did too, but Watts stuff has that mid-school flavor some of us love.

  2. By now, pretty much everyone knows I’m a Nick fan, lol. Was that what looks like my old ‘Team Unsponsored’ t’shirt Nick? Ah, the old stompin ground of the Beaumaurice primary school yard. Those were so laid back and very fun sessions. And the green Skyway Street Beat. I’d forgotten about what you could say’s a fakie ‘catapult and fakie Locomotive’. It’s good to look at what we used to ride like sometimes. I recall back in the day thinking, you were somewhat Australia’s Chase.

  3. This dude is a perfect Freestyler. If a combo is not going his way he improvises and does something else. So awesome to watch all around.
    Does anyone know what year this is from ?

  4. This year was roughly 1990-92. Some of the riding on what appears to be Nick’s old Big Daddy may be around ’93, but I think Nick would probably answer this more correctly.

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