Throwback Thursdays with Paul Osicka

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 1996, and the World Championships that took place at the Jugendpark in Koln, Germany. The location where the park/bowl/spine contest is now held, made for some of the best contests ever! Check out Paul Osicka’s run where he ended up in 4th place in a stacked pro class!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Paul Osicka

  1. hey Effraim, what was the english guy’s name who was putting tons of edits around 4/ 5 years ago i think (?).. all crazy snappy scuffing switches …back and forth stuffs.(front wheel).. ..havnt seen his stuff for a while..worth a re-post i think….Osicka made me think about him…

  2. One of the best ever, in my humble opinion. I wonder if Osicka was a dancer cause he moved with a ton of body control. I only wish there was more footage out there, would love to see his parts from the standard euro thing again. Would be great to see this guy back at it again!

  3. There is actually an interview with osicka Where he talks about trying to spin,hang fives and he,couldnt them until he went Out raving with kerry gatt one night. The Best riders learn from other disciplines. Flatland flamenco for example.

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