Throwback Thursdays with Seiji Sakata

There’s only one man on the earth this weeks Throwback Thursdays could go to, I am sure all of us in the flatland community are thinking about Seiji Sakata since the sad news broke of his Liver Cancer diagnosis. Let’s go back to the KOG 2002 final, in which Seiji dropped a style he became famous for worldwide, just watch the nose wheelie line at 00:13! Stay strong Seiji, much love and support from all of us across the globe!

One thought on “Throwback Thursdays with Seiji Sakata

  1. Yup, he was a straight killer when he rode that Quamen! Back in ’02, this style was still pretty new on the scene from what I remember, and Seiji hit hard with it.The upside megaspin to blender line was the business when I first saw it! Speedy recovery to this legend…

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