Throwback Thursdays – Worlds 2000

ukflat – worlds 2000 footage, part 2 from brian on Vimeo.

The quality not being the greatest adds to nostalgia if you ask me. Nowadays of course with the advancements in technology, videos and edits are HD, but for years we did have that luxury. Check out this amazing footage from the Worlds 2000 from the old UK flat website! Featuring the likes of Viki Gomez walking around his bike flapjack style, Hiroya Morizaki in his Quamen days, Dan Rigby, Matti Rose, Yammer, Jimmy Petitet, and Mike S!

One thought on “Throwback Thursdays – Worlds 2000

  1. it’s nice to have instant access to e’rything, but i kinda miss the fact that someone out there made a 2 hr long VHS mix tapeof this contest that gabe kadmiri got ahold of and made me a copy

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