Throwback Thursdays – Worlds Portimao 1998

An absolute belter from the archives for this weeks Throwback Thursdays that was originally filmed by Colin Smith and later edited by Claybom from Brazil. Great riding from the likes of Martti Kuoppa, Andrew Faris, Day Smith, Phil Dolan, Michael Steingraber, Akira Okamura, Marton Szilagyi, Alexis Desolneux, Effraim Catlow, Nathan Penonzek, and many more, this is a good watch!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – Worlds Portimao 1998

  1. I was getting my mountain bike tuned up a few days ago here in Calgary, Canada. The mechanic was from Saskatoon and used to know Andrew Faris pretty good. Said Andrew makes a lot of money these days doing custom car modifications.

  2. Such a rad T.T. eclusive Big E ! I still watch this one time to time myself . So stoked on Nathans last combo , Phils moves , Martti next level tricks …….everyone really. 1998 was such rad year for diverse styles of flatland riding ! This Worlds comp proves that . Also loving YOUR riding on that chrome slammer frame ,Effraim , SLLLLAAAAAMMING links on BOTH wheels , mate !

  3. Looking back on this, across the pro class there was such much diversity. And the practise/jam sessions were almost more important than the actually contest. Marttis mega spin half whopper fire spinning hitch line looks way ahead of the time. As I recall I don’t even remember seeing him do it in practise. Amazing time period.

  4. Agreed about it being more diverse back then, along with the progression. It was as if, if not, another exciting period of riding, in terms of the new positions were being discovered.

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