Throwback Thursdays – X Games 1999

Why not run with a X Games throwback this week, being that it is all on my mind thanks to the ESPN April fools. This week we go back to 1999, In San Francisco, I personally competed in this event, great times in Nor Cal! Hit play for some great riding from Nathan Penonzek, Phil Dolan, Trevor Meyer and many more.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays – X Games 1999

  1. Fun nostalgia seeing this; I remember attending each of the SF X-Games contests, and this was the year where the judging format was an absolute mess. Felt really bad for everyone involved watching the contest almost fall apart in real time. Memorable tricks for me were Mulder and Meyer throwing whoppers during their runs, Faris’ runs consisting of his new tricks/style, Perry Mervar kicking it old school, and Effraim doing varial gerators that I really wanted to learn… lol.

    • Great memories, thanks for the comment Ultraman Zoffy. Martti’s kneeling on bars steam to hitch was incredible too as well as Rigby’s riding, ah so much could go on…

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