Throwback Thursdays – Yuki Itoh – Welcome to the Team / FEC

Last September, Yuki Itoh blessed us all with this “Must Watch” masterpiece. His Welcome to the Far East Team edit is certainly worth a rewatch.Videos get forgotten so quickly, its not even a year but needs a re-up!

“Everything about this new Yuki Itoh – Welcome to the Far east Cycles team edit is on point. Yuki is one of the most underrated riders on the japanese scene in my opinion so it’s great to see FEC showed him some love.

Riding wise, the riding and the intricate switches are pretty much all groundbreaking. Here are some of my personal highlights:

– The opposite turbine steam boat ride in flip flip to yammer style backwards spinning xft steam step on fork back to steam turbine to xft fork spinning steam to opposite xft steam flip steam opposite side step into spinning cliff at 1:06! Are you following all that? Yuki’s style is so nimble around the bike, amazing!

– At 2:11 the turbine teakettle to spinning xft crack pivot spinning hang ten pivot opposite one footed spinning crack step over backwards facing one footed spinning ck jump to halfpacker pivot xft backwards spinning xft stream pivot steam to x handed spinning half hiker! Mind blown!

– The last line at 3:03! I will leave that one to you!

Props to Takuya Higa also for the camerawork, this edit makes me want to ride so bad! Job done! Respect Yuki, liquid flatland at it’s finest!!”

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