Thursday Night Flatland in Brighton, UK.

After the Flatmatters TGM jam we hit the pub across the road. Chris Carter was on hand to share some details of a flatland project he is just starting. So if you are in the Brighton area, or you know of someone in the area that might be interested, let em know about this. Keep it up Chris!

“This week we are starting Thursday Night Flatland in Brighton. It’s an opportunity for riders to meet up and session, but we’re also encouraging people interested in learning some flatland to come along. Spread the word, maybe you know some street riders that would be interested in coming along to learn hang 5s and stuff like that. Everyone’s welcome!

You can join our group Brighton Flatland Sessions by following the link below:


Chris Carter

10 thoughts on “Thursday Night Flatland in Brighton, UK.

  1. For how many weeks will this be going on? I want to visit uk by car during king of southsea:) and would be fun hitting brighton!

  2. Yes, we want to keep this going through the summer. We’ve had quite a bit of interest already. Would be great if you can make it down for a session Navid!

  3. 🙂 okej, i’ll let you know how i plan the trip, would be nice to hang around and ride:D any riders update for the king of southsea? street or flat?

  4. riders coming you mean navid? check the facebook, couple of famous street riders, flat wise im not to sure, as its uk, its only small, i will be announcing format soon, so the riders know what to expect. I’ll be organising, and judging, not riding like last year. Its pretty hard to do all well. So id like to make the contest as fun as possible.

    • just got your message phil, will have to to let you know about getting down to brighton, during the summer, lot more possible, as I can arrange thursday as a day off work at the skatepark

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