Tim Knoll off 2-Hip

News broke yesterday Tim Knoll has left 2hip. Here’s the official word from Tim…

“I was with 2hip for over a year and didn’t receive a frame, so I felt it was time to move on. I wish Ron and the rest of the gang the best of luck. It was a thrill that Wilkerson, of all people, invited me onto his team… I’ll always be stoked about that. Thanks, Ron!”..

Let’s see where he ends up….

9 thoughts on “Tim Knoll off 2-Hip

  1. “I was with 2hip for over a year and didn’t receive a frame”
    Some possible explanations :
    – 2hip send stuff to the wrong place, 2hip didn’t communicate enough to know about how the stuff were received
    – 2hip forgot him.
    That’s still absurd !!!

  2. 2 Hip forgot him haha god what sort of team is that , i ride for Hoffman Bikes but for the past 5 years they have forgotten me , sarcasm lol

  3. Wilkerson is an old school legend. But 2 hip makes some kooky ass junk. Sorry, but thats how it is….

    BTW Tim has awesome style and skills and deserves better anyway. Best of luck.

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