Tim Knoll shredding in Berlin!

Red Bull just posted a crazy new edit of Tim Knoll having fun doing what he does in Berlin plus an interview about his riding. I especially loved the Top Gun stall and back to pedals at the Berlin Wall at 2:03, hit play and give this one a watch and head over to the RB site for the interview (link below).


4 thoughts on “Tim Knoll shredding in Berlin!

  1. Agreed ! I imagine myself as a kid discovering bmx freestyle seeing Tim doing his thing on the streets, I would harass my parents to get a bmx bike urgently !

    He’s such a good ambassador for our sport in general, major props to you Tim !

  2. Really enjoyed this one. Honestly, wasn’t so crazy about the first edits of his I saw, but really enjoyed this. Love all the boomerangs and pinky squeaks and how they are incorporated!

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