Time to vote: The Flatmattersonline 2019 Year End Awards!

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Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year where we celebrate another amazing year of flatland, and honour the winners with a medal in each category. As always I like to mix things up with a reader vote and also an editorial vote.

Who’s going to win this year? Who do you feel has had the best year, what do you look for? Contest results? Must Watch edits? Giving back to the sport? Perhaps something else…

You have plenty of time to vote, work your way through the year and see who’s contributing throughout the year, or who’s had that banger part that inspired your own personal riding. Everyone has different opinions, which is one of the many things that makes flatland so special.

Without further a due, it’s time to start researching and digging back through the year at what’s gone on.

Editorial Vote:
Rider of the Year
Edit of the Year
Most Progressive Rider
Outstanding Contribution
Line of The Year

Reader Choice:
Rider of the Year
Edit of the Year
Most Progressive Rider
Contest Run of Year
Breakthrough Rider of the Year

What’s the Deadline for voting?
Voting closes New Years Eve at 12 Midnight GMT.
Tuesday December 31st.

How do you vote?
Send your votes through to: effraim@flatmattersonline.com – entitled Flatmattersonline Awards 2019.

Nominees announced:
Friday January 3rd.

Year end award winners announced:
Wednesday 15th January.

Please note:
Voting only counts via email, and you must vote in each category to be eligible. Plenty of time to go through edits over the festive period and look back via the site on the highlights of the year that will follow over the next few weeks, take your time and good luck and most of all enjoy the process!

Effraim Catlow
Flatmattersonline / 11 Years Strong!

5 thoughts on “Time to vote: The Flatmattersonline 2019 Year End Awards!

  1. M I C H E L L E M A I O L A N I…………for……..EDIT OF THE YEAR , TIMES 7 . Some of the most difficult HAMMER STYLE , SLAAAAAAMMMMMMED links pulled / filmed , for 2019 ! That’s one vote that Im certain about………the rest of these catagories ……….Ive been undecided , and running through multiple names ,in my head for MONTHS now, haha ! Oh…….I got a NEW category for these awards ! OLDEST bmxer who pulled two things , the LONGEST………..a front wheel combo AND….LIVING @ HOME , in his MUMS casa, STILL , @ 45 YEARS OLD , hahahahahahahahahahahaha……wonder WHO that is ?! Hint……..hes STILL doing FUNKY CHICKENS during contest runs in 2019 , haha , can recite Effraims decade variation from 1996 , that NO ONE hasn’t done , or touched to THIS day , AND….. STILL sleeps in his TWIN BED …..that he slept in…….@ 10 YEARS OLD , hahaha. Just having a laugh , but seriously……..SO many riders REALLY leveled UP the sport AND their progression this year , that its mind bending ! Seems like EVERY week , someone was creating , pulling something that was just INSANE , stuff that I seriously could not believe as I was watching it , hahaha…….like OWEN BOHM , his M.O.C. line …….that DOUBLE turbine KICKLESS crouching tiger !!!!! He DIDNT even HAVE TO LINK THAT , in my opinion . It was great enough on its own , but he went ABOVE and BEYOND ……doing a whopper out of it……to a rocket ..THEN , and I was TOTALLY not ready for that NEXT move , he did to SHUT DOWN the link AND M.O.C. , for that matter………AFTER the whopper to rocket , he grabs his fork legs , does a 360 BIKE FLIP ! A 360 BIKE FLIP , land in a stick -b glide , couple kicks , exits !! Stuff like THAT …….is what made 2019 such a SLLLAAAAAAMMMMED year for bmx flatland ! There so many worthy riders , that have EARNED and DESERVE a vote for these catagories , that it really does take time to sit back , as Big -E says……grab a cuppa , and take your time selecting a rider who you honestly felt deserved some props for the year . I ALWAYS look forward to these awards ……EVERY year……..gracias , Effraim ! FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM !!

  2. Year of the underdog sounds good. There are plenty of great young riders out there who don’t get the recognition they deserve. Excited to see the nominees!!!

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